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Stage 3 -La Esperanza to La Caldera

A Guide to Hiking the Camino de Santiago de Tenerife

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Distance: 32km | Ascent: 2427m | Descent: 2206m

This is one of the longest stages of the whole camino and so you should plan to set out as early as possible after first light and make sure that you bring enough food and water to last the whole day.

The trail sets off from the centre of La Esperanza and follows a small forest trail, starting at the fountain the square and going uphill for a few hundred metres. Then the trail switched back onto the road, climbing up hill for another 800 metres.

From here the the trail leaves the road and begins heading along forestry tracks, climbing steadily for 3km before levelling out. Here you will be surrounded by dense jungle for the next 5km or so until the the jungle turns steadily to pine trees.

The path carries along the forest track for another 10km before it reaches the only water source on the whole section – a water tap by the side of a small shelter.

From here onwards the trail continues to traverse the steep western slope of the mountainside, eventually climbing up to 1600m, with very few views beyond the trees that surround the trail on all sides.

Every so often multiple tracks meet together at a junction and it is rarely clear which path to take – making GPS map navigation essential.

After a long 30km hike the trail finally reaches the barbeque and camping area of La Caldera, where you will find the bus stop for the bus down into Puerto De La Cruz and the nearby campsite for those who choose to camp.

Route Map

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Food & Water

The only place to purchase food is in La Esperanza so ensure that you pick up enough food for the whole day.

There is a tap with free water in the square, just up the steps from the fountain. The only other place on the stage to get more water if at the tap by the shelter about 12km from the beginning of the stage.


There is no accommodation in La Caldera itself and so your best option is to book a hotel or hostel in Puerto De La Cruz, which is a 20 minute bus ride away.

There is a free campsite just up from the recreation area next to the bus stop, but there are no facilities at the campsite itself (it’s just a clearing in the forest) so make sure you fill your water bottles from the taps in the recreation area before you go up to the campsite. Otherwise you will have to walk all the way back down there again to get water, just like me!

You need to book a space online in advance, you can do that here. You can book with either your Spanish resident ID or foreign passport number.

The water is not treated so you will need a water filter or some water purification tablets.


  • There is a water point about 10km along the trail, by the side of a shelter (see the gallery below). The water is not treated so you will need a water filter or some water purification tablets.
  • Buses only run direct from La Caldera to Puerto de La Cruz until around 6pm most evenings so make sure you plan to arrive by about 5pm at the latest if you have booked accommodation in Puerto De La Cruz.