Location : Ramtree Moss , Whernside, Yorkshire Dales

This is one of my favourite last-minute camp locations that I only really use when I’m confident its going to be a clear free evening.

It’s a great location in either summer or winter, though be careful driving up to the start point if there is ice/snow on the roads as road up often isn’t gritted.

The hike up is short and sweet, the location offers excellent panoramic views and it’s far from the 3 peaks crowds that plague the eastern side of Whernside. I’ve always has this site entirely to myself, which I love!

OS Map & Route

Download file for GPS


  • Start : SD699 745
  • Camp : SD711 766
  • Distance : 4km
  • Time : 1 hour
  • Ascent : 230m
  • Final Altitude :


  • Magnificent limestone paving and numerous shake-holes


  • A great view across to Ingleborough in the south east, especially at sunrise.
  • To the west views across the Lune Valley


  • There is a small layby at the start of the route or a few areas further along the road.
  • You can park overnight in Ingleton and walk up instead (the hike in forms part of the Ingleton Falls Walk route


  • Good star visibility on a moonless night over Ingleborough, though there is some light pollution in the far distance.
  • Not many water sources on the top due to the limestone so bring water up.