Trying to find the perfect camping mattress is hard work and comparing different mats is a bit of a minefield. Here is a list of some of the popular mats on the market in 2019 and some stats to help you compare the different mats. If you want a mat adding to the list add a comment at the bottom of the page and I will add it to the the list!

See the information below the table for explanations of what the stats mean.

BrandModelTypeWeightR ValMin
AlpkitNumoInflatable3501.38£423.73.16.8SmallEstimated R Value
Big AgnesThird DegreeFoam Eggshell3623.8-10£4010.59.56.1LargeEstimated R Value
DecathlonForclaz Trek 700Inflatable5101.66£353.14.65.6Small
ExpedSynmat 7Inflatable11004.9-17£10054.54.90.9Small
ExpedSynmat HLInflatable3503.3-6£1209.42.82.4Small
KlymitStatic VInflatable5131.38£582.52.23.4Small
KlymitStatic V2Inflatable4621.38£492.82.74.4Small
KlymitInsulated Static VInflatable6804.4-14£1046.55.61.9Small
KlymitInsulated Static V UltralightInflatable4204.4-14£14410.53.51.9Small
OEXTraverse IMX Sleeping MatInflatable4101.38£403.23.36.1SmallEstimated R Value
OEXFulcrum EV Inflatable Sleeping MatInflatable5503-4£455.56.74.0SmallEstimated R Value
Sea to SummitUltralight InsulatedInflatable5663.3-6£1285.83.21.7Small
Sea to SummitComfort Light InsulatedInflatable6384.2-13£1597.12.61.1Small
ThermarestZ-Lite SOL RegularFoam Eggshell4102.6-1£406.36.56.1Large
ThermarestNeoair XliteInflatable3533.2-5£1369.12.42.1Small
ThermarestProliteSelf Inflating5342.40£754.53.22.5Medium
ThermarestNeoAir UberLiteInflatable1802.03£12311.11.64.5Small

Table Headings

R Val – What do R-Values mean?
The measure of how well the mat insulated the user against the floor. This is the US data for R Values. The chart below will give you an estimated minimum comfortable temperature for an average adult male.

R value to Celsius / Fahrenheit Conversion Chart
R value to Celsius / Fahrenheit Conversion Chart

WPW – Warmth per Weight(Higher the better)

How much insulation you are getting versus the amount of weight you have to carry.

WPC – Warmth per Cost (Higher is better)

How much warmth you are getting versus the cost of the mat at the time of cost.

LPC – Lightness per Cost (Higher is better)

How light the mat is versus the cost of the mat at time of publishing. Useful is you are trying to go ultralight on a budget.

Calculations Info

Here’s how I calculated the ratings. I just made these metrics up , using the multipliers to give sensible values to compare.

WPW = (R Value / Grams) x 1000

WPC = (R Value / Price ) x 100

LPC = 1 / (Grams * Cost) * 100000